Wednesday, May 7, 2008

It's That Time of Year

Whenever the seasons change, I get a sinus infection. And it's definitely switching over to spring, so here I am with my stuffed-up face and sore throat. (Perhaps I should move to a place that doesn't really have seasons?)

I am thankful that it's just a slight hiccup, instead of full-blown allergies that would have my nose running all the time. Rabbit's got it too, and Bluebird gets one when it switches from summer to autumn. *sigh*

So I'm not up to much these past few days and don't see anything really getting done until Friday. I'm trying to rest, and quite amazed at how much quicker I am getting over this than when I push through it.

Thankfully, I have my copy of The Host to keep me company during my miserable time spent on the couch. And, the excitement of my birthday this Saturday. And the anticipation of seeing Stephenie Meyer in person next Friday and getting aforementioned copy of The Host signed by her. (Have you pre-ordered your copy of the fourth Twilight book?) I feel very bookish. Mr. Brooke doesn't understand what the deal is with getting a book signed, even though he understands why it's important for baseball cards. I just shrug my shoulders and tell him that books are one of my many gentle madnesses. But that's a topic for another post.

And I just found out (probably incredibly late in the game) that they're making Twilight into a movie.


  1. dec 12th 2008
    and i am sadly obsessed. joseph i think is worried. i have pre-ordered and i am sooooooooo excited. do you love them too?

  2. You know, I really tried to resist. Something about people getting wickedly excited over a book series makes me shy away from reading them. I don't know why. But then my aunt and her daughter went on and on about how great they were, and coupling this with almost every woman in my neighborhood saying the same...I decided to give them a go.

    Seriously, HARRY POTTER ON STEROIDS. Love them.

    Yes, I've become obsessed as well. I pre-ordered for my cousin as a birthday gift, but I'm waiting to see if there's going to be any of those cool "release at midnight" events for the fourth book around here. Call it hokey or retarded, but I enjoy those sorts of things. It's fun to get caught up in something like that.

    I'm debating whether or not if I will have Michael attend the movie with me; I can't decide if he'd like it or not. (Although one of my friends read the entire series out loud to her husband and she said that he liked them a lot.)

  3. what is this that you speak of?


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